Sideline Racism Challenge

The Detroit Pistons and Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE) launched the Sideline Racism Challenge on Friday, Jan. 19, 2018.

The challenge is meant to show how sports can be used as a vehicle for bringing people together to fight racism.

Initiated by Pistons players and led by athletes at all levels, the challenge encourages participants to:

  • Create a video showing themselves running from sideline to sideline and back on a basketball court, football/soccer field or other playing surface, pledging to fight racism and discrimination, and challenging others by name to complete the Sideline Racism Challenge in the next 48 to 72 hours. As part of the challenge, participants also can challenge others to beat their running time.
  • Post their video to social media with the hashtag #SidelineRacismChallenge and tag the people who they challenge.
  • Take the RISE pledge against discrimination.

As an alternative to the athletic challenge, participants can take the RISE pledge and post a video about taking the pledge using the #SidelineRacismChallenge hashtag.

Participants are anticipated to include athletes, coaches and teams at the professional, collegiate, high school and community levels, as well as law enforcement, elected officials and other leaders.

Suggested language for participants to use in the video and social media posts:

“I took the RISE #SidelineRacismChallenge using sports to show my commitment to end racism and discrimination. I ran it in [X] seconds. I challenge [name], [name] and [name] to take the #SidelineRacismChallenge. Learn more at @RISEtoWIN”