RISE to Vote

RISE to Vote is a nonpartisan effort to register professional and college athletes to vote and encourage them to lead their fans in becoming informed and engaged citizens.

RISE to Vote launched in June 2017 with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins and has spread across the country. RISE to Vote was part of Super Bowl LII and the Big Ten Conference 2018 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Get involved

Join your favorite athletes in becoming an active citizen. Use our tools to get registered to vote, request absentee ballots and sign up to get election reminders.

It takes less than five
minutes to register.

How you
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RISE to Vote participants

  • Big Ten Conference 2018 Men’s Basketball Tournament
  • Collegiate athletic departments – Florida International University; Florida State University; Marist College; Miami Dade College; Oregon State University; Rutgers University; University of Arizona; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles; University of Colorado; University of Iowa; University of Michigan; University of Notre Dame; University of Southern California; University of Texas at Austin; and Winthrop University
  • Community events hosted by Lorenzo Alexander of the Buffalo Bills, DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors, and Basketball Hall of Famer Steve Nash
  • MEAC/SWAC Challenge
  • MLB – Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Twins and Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Minor League Baseball – Lansing Lugnuts and Rochester Red Wings
  • NBA – Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic, San Antonio Spurs and Milwaukee Bucks
  • NFL – Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins and New York Giants
  • National Premier Soccer League – Detroit City FC
  • Super Bowl LII

RISE to Vote encouraged our players to think about how they can use their voice and their vote – in a nonpartisan way – to motivate others to get engaged in serving their community. It inspired them to use their role as leaders and as Hawkeyes to make a positive impact. Kirk Ferentz Head Football Coach, University of Iowa

Bring RISE to Vote to your team, campus

RISE to Vote takes less than 30 minutes to execute and can occur during the pre-season or regular season for professional teams or at any point during the school year for collegiate athletic departments. The program includes a guest speaker, who adds inspiring historical context and discusses the importance of being informed and engaged citizens. RISE will bring all necessary components to a venue selected by the team or athletic department and ensure any special circumstances (i.e. an athlete residing and playing or attending school in different states) are handled in accordance with the law. RISE will partner with state and local election officials and nonpartisan organizations like the League of Women Voters and the Drum Major Institute with expertise in leading and executing effective voter registration drives to amplify the effort and ensure effectiveness.

Our supporters

This movement began with professional athletes, but thanks to a grant from Democracy Fund Voice has expanded to college campuses and through fan-focused events. Information about the importance of voting can be distributed and registration offered at major professional and collegiate sporting events and other campus and community events.