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RISE glossary

RISE has created a glossary of race-related terms and concepts to support discussions on these important topics. Additional content will be added to the glossary on an on-going basis. Download pdf

Educational modules

  • Understanding Our Identities – This module helps participants explore labels central to our identities while also demonstrating just how fluid our identities can be. Participants also discuss ways in which diversity can be valuable. Download pdf
  • Diversity Concepts – Within this module, participants learn the definitions of key terms related to race and diversity and how these constructs sometimes shift depending upon the social context. Download pdf
  • Equality vs. Equity – During this module, participants learn about the difference between equality and equity and how they can be used to achieve fairness. Download pdf
  • Sports as a Vehicle for Social Change – Within this module, participants examine examples of professional athletes using sports as a vehicle for social progress. They also explore ways in which they can use their own platform to drive change. Download module pdf – Download participant handout pdf
  • Social Media – During this module, participants learn about the influence and responsibility that social media users have and examine what makes this type of content positive or negative. Download pdf
  • Building Community – This module provides participants with an opportunity to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. The module concludes with a discussion on effective methods for community building. Download pdf
  • Inclusion, Exclusion & Racism – In this module, participants discuss instances of being included and excluded. They also are challenged to explore the connection between racism and experiences of inclusion and exclusion. Download pdf
  • Racial Imagery – During this module, participants explore the use of racial imagery in sports and the varying points of view on the subject. Download module pdf – Download participant handout pdf
  • Understanding Power – This module helps participants reflect on their own influence and power and how it can be used for positive change. Download pdf
  • Practicing Empathy – Within this module, participants gain an understanding of empathy and practice the difference between problem solving and empathetic listening. Download module pdf – Download participant handout pdf