RISE to Vote

RISE to Vote is a nonpartisan effort that partners with sports teams and leagues to register professional athletes to vote and encourage them to lead their fans in becoming informed and engaged citizens. The campaign launched in June 2017 with the Miami Dolphins and has spread across the country with support from clubs including the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets. It will conclude on National Voter Registration Day, Sept. 25, 2018.

News release about RISE to Vote yearlong campaign launch

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How RISE to Vote works for teams

RISE to Vote takes less than 30 minutes to execute and can occur during the pre-season or regular season. The program can include a guest speaker, such as Martin Luther King III, who adds inspiring historical context and discusses the importance of being informed and engaged citizens. RISE will bring all necessary components to a venue selected by the team and ensure any special circumstances (i.e. an athlete residing and playing in different states) are handled in accordance with the law. RISE will partner with state and local election officials and nonpartisan organizations like the League of Women Voters and the Drum Major Institute with expertise in leading and executing effective voter registration drives to amplify the effort and ensure effectiveness. Other partners have included The Andrew Goodman Foundation and The New Georgia Project.

PHOTOS: Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins join RISE to Vote

PHOTOS: Atlanta Hawks join RISE to Vote

Looking forward

We envision this movement beginning with professional athletes but growing to one that involves coaches, staff, fans and student-athletes who follow in the steps of their role models. Information about the importance of voting could be distributed and registration could be offered at major sporting and community events.

For athletes who wish to further develop themselves as advocates for social justice, RISE also offers a number of educational and advocacy programs.

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For more information about RISE to Vote, contact Erin Pellegrino, vice president, events & programming, at epellegrino@risetowin.org or (646) 582-2353.