From Protest to Progress: Athlete Activism in 2016

The Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE) on Friday, Feb. 3, released a report evaluating the reach and impact of activist athletes in 2016 and issuing recommendations for next steps and best practices.

The report was authored by Dr. Andrew Mac Intosh, RISE; Dr. Scott Pierce, Illinois State University; Dr. Daniel Taradash, New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum; and Dr. Karl Erickson, Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, Michigan State University.

The research is a survey of more than 225 examples of athlete activism in the latter half of 2016. Among those, the report identifies six themes of activism. The report offers five recommendations for athletes, teams and leagues to consider implementing in 2017 and beyond to ensure any ongoing effort to promote social change is impactful and sustainable.

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